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Coach Selection 

Coach selection for the current season is now complete. If you are interested in coaching for next season, please submit a Coaching Application to Steve Wall: 

Click here for the Coaching Application.

Note, that if you are considering coaching, assistant Coach, Manager or Trainer, please remember that Police Checks are required. Please contact a member of the executive and we will provide you with a form to complete.  There is no cost to you to have a police check completed, but it can take a few weeks, so best to begin the process early.

Job Description (Responsibilities of Coach & Bench Staff/Managers)
  1. Must follow the aims and goals of SDMHA as outlined through its constitution and policies.
  2. Ensure the objectives as outlined in the manual of Operations of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association are met.
  3. Coach shall strive to ensure Fair Play Codes as set out by the Canadian Hockey Association are met.
  4. Coach shall ensure practices are effective and well-planned.
  5. Coach and bench staff shall refrain from the use of foul language during all tem functions, both on and off the ice.
  6. All coaches are required by SDMHA to hold a team meeting at the start of the season with all parents and players present. An executive member will also sit in on this meeting.
  7. A coach may compile a set of "Team Rules" which must be submitted to the executive for approval, prior to enforcing these rules on a team.
  8. Eligible applicants and all team staff will be required to pass a Police Record Chick before the team can be registered.
  9. Each coach shall complete or update all required OMHA Certification in a reasonable team frame as set out by the OMHA.
Fair Play Codes
  1. I will be reasonable when scheduling games and practices, remembering that players have other interests and obligations.
  2. I will teach my players to play fairly and to respect the rules, officials and opponents.
  3. I will ensure that all players get equal instruction, support and playing time.
  4. I will not ridicule or yell at my players for making mistakes or for performing poorly. I will remember that players play to have fun and must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves.
  5. I will make sure that equipment and facilities are safe and match the players ages and abilities.
  6. I will remember that participants need a coach they can respect. I will be generous with praise and set a good example.
  7. I will obtain proper training and continue to upgrade my coaching skills.
  8. I will work in cooperation with officials for the benefit of the game.
  9. I have read and agree to abide by the Job Description and Fair Play Codes.
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